Skateboarding is believed to be among the favorable sports for teenagers. Riding a skateboard can be considered as a great sport and only those who are flexible and train hard can enjoy the ride and take the sport to the next level. Skateboarding is an amazing recreational activity that has gained a huge popularity over the past few years. Nevertheless, there are still many people who fear trying it as they view it as a very dangerous sport. Little do they know that if they have the right blank skateboards, they can easily avoid injuries while skateboarding. Using the right blank skateboards, wearing pads for protection and skating in the right areas will also help you to avoid these injuries. Skateboarding enhances one’s overall fitness and flexibility thus making it a good activity for cardiovascular fitness.

A good blank skateboard is mandatory for any safe skateboarding experience. The blank skateboards are nowadays available in many different lengths. The decks basically refers to that part of a skateboard where the user stands on. The decks are available in many different patterns, colors, designs and lengths. Blank decks usually have an advantage as they can be painted or custom made in any color that the user wants too. In addition, the blank skateboards look decent than most of its counterparts. However, there are several models present on the market which makes it difficult to pick the best blank skateboards. Each model offers different features. One should pick a skateboard by keeping in mind all the basics features of a great board. These features include: the hardware, its durability, qualities, the length as well as the comfort that one needs when driving it. Below is a comprehensive review of top 10 best blank skateboards:

1. Zoo York Photo Incentive Skateboard Deck

This skateboard is certainly among the finest blank skateboards that are available in the market today. This skateboard is ideal any day, anytime, regardless of whether you’re experienced or not. It’s made using seven -ply Maple and it also offers vast strength as well as durability.

If you’re searching for a skateboard that will offer you value for your cash for a very long time then this remarkable skateboard is ideal for you. This skateboard also has exceptional graphics that are breathtaking. This skateboard comes in different colors, design as well as finish. The name Zoo-York is beautifully written below the skateboard thus making the design to look very great.

The skateboard comes in different sizes that you can choose from. Basically, this model is great for skaters who are experienced and they have lots of experimentations in their mind. Nevertheless, it’s also superb for beginners since it offers the best start to the skating journey.

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2. ForeStone Blank Warning Skateboard Decks

This is a scintillating and superb blank skateboard. FireStone has been in skateboard production businesses for several years and if there’s one thing that they have learnt, it is to make stuff that people actually want. This blank skateboard offers a complete package when searching for rounded blank skateboards, from the size, design, comfort and durability. This board also comes in a very slick natural design, made with the premium Canadian Maple.

Therefore, if you are looking for an ideal accomplice that shall serve you for a good period of time without wearing out, then this awesome blank skateboard is sure to take away your breath. The concave on the skateboard is deep enough and it shows slopes on both ends. This will afford you with the opportunity to experiment new skills and tricks, not mentioning the immense level of comfort that it provides each step of the way.

All-in-all, it’s very comfortable and the board is an excellent choice for beginners and kids even though it is equally good for advanced and intermediates skaters.

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3. Enjoi Spectrum Black Deck

This board is a real statement of style. These blank skateboards have a slick as well as a striking design that will surely make you to purchase it. If you love nice-looking skateboards then this skateboard will prove to be a great addition to your assortment. The model has a slick, black glossy finish that makes it to look very beautiful.

One exceptional thing about this skateboard is that it features a very strong body; this makes it not to constitute any drag while you are riding it on the streets, parks or just around a pool. The board also displays an amazing durability level since it can tolerate enormous stress as well as pressure. Therefore, it does not have good looks only, but also strength &tolerance.

The 8x 32-inches measurement ensures that it’s slim enough and also lengthy enough to cope with the elementary moves of an amateur and the advanced maneuvers and skills of experienced skaters. Therefore, this skateboard is ideal for each class of skaters, regardless of age, class or body shape. Unsurprisingly this board features its brand name below it so as to safeguard you from purchasing counterfeits. The board has pre-drilled holes which makes it very easy to set it up.

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4. SCSK8 Skateboard Deck Natural Blank & Dipped Skateboard Decks with FREE Grip Tape

If you are looking out for an enjoyable skating experience, then you should go for this skateboard. This skateboard is available in different colors though black is the most popular. The lone color mode submits customization limits to your imagination. You may tweak the board around repeatedly until you get the look that you are aiming for.

This board also has an exceptional durability feature. The materials that were used to construct it are undoubtedly of high quality, this makes it to be so resilient.

Additionally, this skateboard is very convenient as it is very lightweight. Its shape is similarly small and also portable, therefore it can fit very well in your backpack, so that you can pack and carry.

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5. Loaded-Boards Bhangra Longboard Deck

The Loaded-Boards Bhangra is certainly one of the best blank skateboards on the market. If you’re a great fan of dance-skating or you really love advanced freestyle stunts, then this is the right skateboard that you have been looking for.

With a 9.5 inches width and a 48.5 inches length, it’s definitely among the most considerate blank skateboards in regard to space provision. The board offers ample space for the feet thus allowing you to turn, twist and move around as you wish. This skateboard also comes with excellent concaves, that will simply allow you to unleash the skills that you have been keeping over the years. So, if you are an advanced skater, then this is a great skateboard that you ought to have in your arsenal.

To cut the long story short, if you are looking for a great board that you’ll keep on using for many years to come, without a dip in performance or even damage, then this is the right skateboard for you.

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6. Moose Old School Skateboard Deck

If you are fan of old-school skateboarding, then congratulations! You’ve just found the right partner. This skateboard might bear “old-school” in its name but it’s nothing short of style and beauty. The board comes in an awesome design, high quality materials and beautiful natural colors.

These blank skateboards are a perfect option for people who love large skateboards because it comes in the slick 10 x 30 inches’ design. This relatively large size makes the board absolutely comfortable to ride on because you’ll be able to twist and turn it with ease, without the fear of falling or losing of balance. Furthermore, the board is lightweight which makes it easy to carry around and it’s built with the high-tensile Allen key. This features allows it to withstand all competitions that will come its way. The concave on this skateboard is also for beauty purposes, as it’s very sturdy and also gives you an added level of comfort.

The pop is very decent as well, allowing for a good degree of stunts and flips. This makes the board great not only for beginners but also for advanced and intermediate skaters. Of course, the natural color that it comes in provides a platform for endless customizations and designs. You can even paint it to your own taste or even overlay it with stickers as you desire.

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7. Globe HG 10025055 Full-on Skateboard Deck

This is yet another excellent work of art. The Globe HG 10025055 Skateboard is a picture of absolute beauty and sheer class. The army coloured design on these blank skateboards comes out, with an amazing appeal to the eyes. When it comes to the aesthetics, this is one board that you cannot push aside.

The board is not only amazing for its looks but it also comes fully- packed with unusual durability. Irrespective of your height, age or weight, this blank skateboard has the capacity to provide you with an exhilarating skateboarding experience. It’s carved with the rock-solid premium Maple which leaves nothing behind whenever it comes to the strength.

It also comes with great concaves that pops quite well and also allows for a wide range of skills and stunts, from the basic tricks of beginners to the most advanced stunts of pros (including rail skating), without bending or breaking. It also comes with a 7.8-inch, full concave, resin-7 deck, alongside with a 13.8-inches wheelbase. This makes it a more preferable option for advanced used to entertainment and sports skaters.

On an overall basis, the Globe HG 10025055 Full-on blank Skateboards board ticks almost all boxes imaginable when searching of an ideal skateboard. In short, if you are in search of a skateboard, that shall last you for many years, without giving you headaches or breaking, then this is an excellent choice.

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8. Globe HG Full-on Skateboard Deck

Globe HG Company has been in the skateboarding business for many years and they have managed to keep up with the ever-increasing standards with in the skateboarding industry. The Globe-HG skateboard is an amazing option any time, any day. The very appearance of these blank skateboards is an absolute beauty. With the multi-color flower design, this board offers a great accomplice for “fashion” rides.

The board is suited for both sexes. A ride on this skateboard across traffic shall definitely draw some serious attention as you glide across them like an angel. Besides the aesthetics, this board is also durable. This is one board that you won’t ever succeed in breaking after one month’s skate.

The deck is also made with hard maple that will literally hurt your own fingers when you knock on them. Therefore, if you are looking for a stylish and durable skateboard, then the Globe HG Full-on blank skateboards is one option that will never disappoint.

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9. Bamboo Blank Skateboard Deck

The Bamboo Blank is an excellent skateboard for people who truly love skating. This board is environment friendly and it packs a sensible level of strength and it is also of top-quality. The fact that the board was named as the best skateboard in 2016 by various online skateboard magazines, indicates that it is a lovely piece if art that can offer you something serious.

Just like other Bamboo products, this skateboard also has the company’s logo, the logo helps to protect you purchasing pirated as well as and fake product. Another remarkable feature of this skate board is the pop. Subsequently, if you love flicks as well as tricks, then this skate board will surely not disappoint you. Moreover, this board is very light (0.96 kg), this makes it very convenient and also enjoyable to cruise around.

This skateboard comes in a blank design, this makes it to be ideal for skaters who love customized skateboards .There is precisely no limit to the extent of customization that this board can take, your creativity is the only limit.

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10. Skate One Mini-Logo Skateboard Deck

There’s only one word that can be used to describe this blank skateboards – AWESOME! If not for other reasons, this board is great for the amount of strength that it packs. Most individuals who have experienced “breaking” skateboards should certainly make the Mini-Logo their top priority.

Therefore, if all you are looking for a skateboard that will offers real strength and durability, then look no further than the Mini-Logo Skateboard. The model also comes with a very decent pop that will allow you to perform a good number of stunts if you are the type of person that’s into skateboarding for its thrills.

The concave is very deep as well. As such, at every point you’ll be knowing precisely where the feet are positioned. This plays a great role in guaranteeing an awesome skateboarding experience. The skateboard also comes together with the Mini-Logo’s label inscribed at the back of the deck. This assures you off the quality and warranty. This is advantageous when compared to unbranded blank skateboards that can be counterfeited quite easily. The board comes in a very stylish red colour that’s just an absolute beauty to behold.

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There are many types of blank skateboards that are available on the market today. However, not all these models are good. As such, you should always get some ideas before purchasing one, especially for those people who haven’t tried this before. The above article has taken a closer look at 10 best blank skateboards that you can buy today. These blank skateboards also are among the top selling models and their quality is worth buying for the offered price. Get any of the above skateboards and you’ll certainly get great value for your money.