vintage skateboards

The Best Vintage skateboards reviewed

SkatbaoSince the evolution of skateboards in 1950s in California the popularity of skateboarding has seen considerable rises and falls as a sport as well as a hobby. But people are interested in vintage skateboards since last few years. Their unique design and style are the main reasons of the increasing interest in the old skateboards. Initially, skateboarding appeared as a hobby in California in 1950s when people started to attach the wheels of roller skates under the boxes or boards…

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skate rails

The best Skate Rails Reviewed

Do you have a pro scooter and you are getting bored of using it in an old way? Well it’s totally understandable. Riding the scooter after a couple of weeks can be boring and plain. But you don’t have to worry about that there is one way you can spice up your scooter riding experience. In the guide below we will get you best 10 skateboard rails that are used for stunt scooters and are available on Amazon at an…

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longboard trucks

The Best Skateboard and Longboard Trucks Reviews

Have you recently taken up skateboarding as hobby or sports, you must know about a lot of things for ensuring your safety and you need to learn ways for properly using the outdoor skateboard and skate parks indoor. Many sources of information are available when you seek information on skateboard and longboard trucks models, safety tips, skateboarding techniques, and skateboarding sport. You can read some skateboarding magazines to learn about new products and safety measures to become a better skateboarder.…

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