Best Skateboard Helmets of 2017

Skateboarding is an activity many enjoy. While the activity is quite thrilling, there are some dangers associated with it. Frequent falls when skating are expected and skaters need to take the necessary steps to protect their bodies against injuries. The only way that a skater can eliminate the likelihood of incurring traumatic head injuries when skating is by investing in a good skateboard helmet and wearing it when skating. Given the numerous skateboard available in the market today, choosing one…

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vintage skateboards

Longboard decks review

Longboarding refers to the act of riding on a longboard. The idea of longboarding also has competitive races downhill, with certain riders reaching speeds that exceed 50 miles per hour. Even though longboarding has gained popularity just recently, it didn’t take long before there has been an influx of boards which are meant specifically for the sport. It’s appealing for a lot of people basically because longboarding is quite easy regardless of your skills. Even if you’re a beginner who…

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blank skateboards

The Best Blank skateboards reviewed

Skateboarding is believed to be among the favorable sports for teenagers. Riding a skateboard can be considered as a great sport and only those who are flexible and train hard can enjoy the ride and take the sport to the next level. Skateboarding is an amazing recreational activity that has gained a huge popularity over the past few years. Nevertheless, there are still many people who fear trying it as they view it as a very dangerous sport. Little do…

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mini longboard

The Best Mini longboard Reviews

Mini versions of many products are coming up with many developed features. People are appreciating the mini products more for the size, lightweight, and easy assembly features. If you are planning to buy a longboard, then you can consider buying a mini longboard. A mini longboard will be more maneuverable. The deck will be small to help the beginners to control the longboard easily. Moreover, it will be easy to carry. If you travel more often, then it will be…

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skateboard grip tape

Best Skateboard grip tape reviews

A skateboard grip tape is a length of adhesive sheet which is applied on the deck of a skateboard, longboard or cruiser to increase grip and traction. When you buy a grip tape, you will find it has a loose cover on one side. Peel this one off to reveal the sticky surface beneath. This is the surface which goes on the top of your board’s deck and is usually covered with industrial grade adhesive glue to ensure it sticks…

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mini skateboard

The Best Mini skateboard Reviews

There is no doubt that over the page many decades, skateboarding has developed into a major recreational and sporting event. It also is a big hobby amongst thousands of people. However, skating as a sport and hobby has undergone quite a few changes because of changes to designs mainly based on customer needs and requirements. Decks have been reshaped and longboards have become a major part of the entire skating industry. There is also something known as mini skateboard which…

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longboard wheels

The Best Longboard Wheels Reviews

Different varieties of the longboard wheels are available in the current market. If you are a beginner, you might find it difficult to choose the right one that can offer you a durable result with some quality features. While buying longboard wheels, you need to focus on some basic characteristics. These characteristic will determine how the wheel will ride and how long it will serve your purpose. Before buying, you need to know about the lip shape, durometer, and size…

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