Longboarding refers to the act of riding on a longboard. The idea of longboarding also has competitive races downhill, with certain riders reaching speeds that exceed 50 miles per hour. Even though longboarding has gained popularity just recently, it didn’t take long before there has been an influx of boards which are meant specifically for the sport. It’s appealing for a lot of people basically because longboarding is quite easy regardless of your skills.

Even if you’re a beginner who has never skated, you can still grab a longboard and there’s no steep learning curve. Whether it’s for recreational transportation purposes or downhill racing, longboards can be advantageous in many different ways.

If you’re interested in trying longboarding, then one of the important things that ought to be taken into account should be the selection of the perfect longboard decks. Many of these decks are already pre-assembled. As such, you should always take a look at different parts, including grip tape, wheels, deck, risers and bearings. Generally speaking, longboard decks can be made from bamboo, carbon fiber or maple. They are also available in many different types, including downhill decks and cruisers.

Therefore, are you searching for the top-rated longboard decks? If yes, then keep on reading this article and we’ll certainly help you in making the right decision. Below is a comparison of the top brands that are available on the market along with some features that differentiate these longboard decks from each other. Here are the top 10 longboard decks:

1. Krown Rasta Freestyle Complete Longboard

Krown Rasta Freestyle is an excellent entry level longboard deck for newbies and the recreational riders alike. It’s manufactures by the same firm that brought us Krown Sunset Pintail. The brand is well-known for its exceptional craftsmanship. As a matter of fact, the brand has distinguished itself from the other longboards thanks to its vibrant graphics and funky colors. A drop through structural design is also a favorite among the riders who are looking for a relatively low centre of gravity and speed. This center of gravity usually keeps these longboard decks stable at higher speeds and quite easy to slide. In addition, the longboard deck is made of the Canadian Maple, that’s well-known for its sturdiness and durability. With drop-through trucks, the board is perfectly good at handling bombing hills and high speeds. The trucks also offer the needed stability to avoid the speed wobbles that may throw you off the longboard. All the craftsmanship and technology that has been put into this versatile longboard deck making it to rank among the most complex longboard decks made to date.

Amazon link: https://www.amazon.com/Krown-Freestyle-Complete-Longboard-9-25×36-Inch/dp/B008KOBQE2

2. Quest 44-Inch Super Cruiser Bamboo Longboard Skateboard

In case you have a passion on the downhill and cruising as a beginner in longboarding, then, this deck will certainly satisfy all your needs. It’s a very versatile board as you can decide to use it both for downhill riding and cruising. The board is well-equipped with the perfect wheel size, not too big not too small. It is also big enough to provide you with a smooth experience but not too big to get a wheel bite. Isn’t that cool? Furthermore, the 44 inches size seems perfect for a comfortable cruising as well as downhill riding. The board has somewhat flex that will reduce the stress on your knees and ankle.

This bamboo longboard is well-equipped with durable components that shall provide you a high longevity. Being among the best longboard decks, the model has a hardwood maple bamboo deck that’s furnished with a gorgeous design. In conclusion, the Quest 44-Inch Artisan Bamboo Longboard can be your #1 choice for beginner or intermediate riders when you have versatile objectives with your board.

Amazon link: https://www.amazon.com/Quest-Skateboards-Cruiser-Longboard-Skateboard/dp/B01DGRCIKI

3. Surf One August II Complete board

The Surf One Complete board is a must-have for all summer fans. This is a very versatile but solid board that uses Surf One’s clear grip so as to show of the Roberts classic colours from yesteryears. This gives this longboard deck a classic 70’s look and feel. This super cool and retro looking board is suited for beginners as well as intermediate boarders. The painted stripes usually give this board a very unique feel that shall never get out of style. In addition, the longboard decks brings along with it a very great amounts of flex for an easy carving and riding experience. Besides, the maple wood construction is long lasting and sturdy thus making it durable. In addition, the longboard deck comes with high quality Randal trucks for a very smooth riding experience. This is certainly an amazing longboard to give your kids as a first board, and it will also serve as a great choice for newbies as well.

Amazon link: https://www.amazon.com/Surf-One-Robert-Complete-Longboard/dp/B000FZ4T5C

4. Arbor Genesis Premium Longboard

The Genesis Premium Longboard deck is Arbor Company’s most versatile board drop made to free-style, Freeride or cruise. It’s also set up using the top components on the market. In case you’re looking forward to your first board, something that’s very easy to cruise and commute, then this prime longboard is definitely suited for you. The board will enable you to roll your way carving and free-styling to all your preferred tunes with these fantastic freeride longboard decks. It has the drop through trucks that will get you close to ground for stability. The board’s generous cutouts and the double kick mold will also give you a lot of options for the flip tricks. This makes the Genesis to be a lively ride for most of your flat-ground and free-style needs. In addition, the Arbor also gives you the maneuverability and response that you need so as to move around quite easily.

Amazon link: https://www.amazon.com/Arbor-Genesis-Premium-Complete-Longboard/dp/B00PUA2BZC

5. Atom Pintail Longboard

If you are a beginner and looking for awesome and attractive longboard decks at a reasonable price, then this board might just be your perfect match. The aluminum fittings of this longboard makes it durable and also provides you with great longevity.

The main feature on this board is the attractiveness. The board’s color is very attractive and vivid. Again, the smoothness of this longboard decks so much striking. Another amazing thing that you’ll find with this deck is the zero percent wheel bite. In case you want to attract people’s attention with your longboard yet you would like to spend a reasonable amount of money, then, this board is the perfect solution for you. You won’t find any damage or crack even after 1-2 years.

It’s that incredible! Additionally, the Atom’s Pintail Longboard decks are very easy to push with less effort. This is a cruising board that offers you both style and quality at an economical price. So, why not try it out?

Amazon link: https://www.amazon.com/Atom-Longboards-91003-Pintail-Longboard/dp/B002KD4YRA

6. Sector 9’s Meridian Complete Skateboard

The Sector 9 Meridian Skateboard is mainly designed for easy carving and commuting thanks to the drop through construction nature and the 8 Ply maple. The longboard deck also features Sector 9’s Meridian Taco Mold’s concave so that feet remain locked-in just in case you decide to be a little bit crazy. The board has a very great standing platform that comes with a significant amount of concave making it perfect for intermediate boarders and newbies alike. Besides, for those with the wild-style baseplates on their trucks of preference, this board is comfortable with almost anything that you can choose dish out. In case you’re looking for classic drop-thorough longboard decks which can be used for commuting and free riding, then the Sector 9’s Meridian Complete won’t disappoint.

Amazon link: https://www.amazon.com/Sector-9-Meridian-Complete-Skateboard/dp/B0178C81TY

7. Yocaher Professional Speed Drop Down Stained Complete Longboard

Money is normally a significant factor when buying longboard decks. If you are a person who thinks about your money and yet you still have a passion for having a quality longboard deck, then this is the right choice for you. It’s so amazing fact that you can get this longboard at one of the lowest prices in the market today.

You might think that this is a cheap longboard deck with chip quality due to the low price. However, you’re wrong. As a matter of fact, the Yocaher Professional Longboard has soft wheels that will help you to get stability when riding. In addition, it takes less effort to push the longboard because the deck is somewhat low as compared to the other boards. All these features make it among the best longboard decks for beginners.

The 41.25 by 9 size is large enough to offer you a very comfortable ride. The longboard is also durable enough to avoid damage and tearing when in use.

Amazon link: https://www.amazon.com/Yocaher-Professional-Stained-Complete-Longboard/dp/B00LGZUINM

8. Atom Drop Through Longboard

If you usually dream about a fast downhill riding experience, then this longboard deck suits your purpose quite well. It will offer you with the maximum stability that will help you to take smooth carvings during down hilling. This longboard will also get you to a whole new world of imagination.

It’s relatively long deck, and the premium bearings will also give you the ease of pushing. This will help you to tear out as you travel. It has a very unique shape which offers 9.6 inches of leverage per every turn. Just try you imagine that! In addition, it also helps in eliminating the wheel bite. You’ll get a fully maple covered longboard deck that will certainly catch the attention of other people when you use it. With the Atom Drop Through Longboard decks, you will never stop seeing its elegance and gorgeousness.

Amazon link: https://www.amazon.com/Atom-Drop-Through-Longboard/dp/B06VW3V4WL

9. Sector 9 Aperture Complete Longboard

Imagine that you’re riding downhill or skating. Suddenly, you get to a bump, and your longboard gets broken. Such thing will never occur in case you buy the Sector 9 Aperture longboard decks. If you really love skating, then this board might support you a lot. The longboard will present you a fast and decent riding experience. It’s also durable and it will not be worn out even if you take regular skating rides.

The board is furnished with a 36-inch maple wood deck that provides you both the easiness of riding and durability. The small deck will also help you to take smooth carvings when you’re a beginner. This longboard deck breaks the law of stability. Even though it has a smaller deck, it still offers better stability for the double kingpin trucks.

Along with a little flex, the longboard deck has soft and spongy wheels that will help you to have a very smooth cruising experience as an intermediate rider and beginner. The high-quality bearings of this board will also provide you with an ease of pushing.

Amazon link: https://www.amazon.com/Sector-Aperture-Sidewinder-Downhill-Longboard/dp/B0044FOI28

10. EIGHTBIT 41-Inches Drop Down Longboard

The EIGHTBIT Complete Longboard is ideal for commuting with a lovely mood and cruising the extreme outdoors. This longboard deck is a master of pioneers of the skateboard makers. The main reason behind its sheer popularity the safety feature. The brand offers utmost safety using wood, plastic or aluminum. The drop-down longboard deck offers better turning control, easy push off and more stability when riding. There’s also lesser distance towards the ground for an easy push off. This also helps to lower fatigue when riding. The flexibility of this deck is capable of absorbing any type of strain and also provide a great riding experience even on rough surfaces. This is an amazing longboard for those who are aiming to commute or carve around.

The EIGHTBIT is a super flexy and fun board that shall provide you with an awesome and surfy feel. It also has a significant amount of flex which can be customized much further using multiple flex options.

Amazon link: https://www.amazon.com/EIGHTBIT-Inch-Drop-Complete-Longboard/dp/B011LOZ81Y/


If you’re looking forward to have great fun with an exciting ride, then having the best longboard decks is a must. This will be the best option to make all your dreams real. Longboarding is a very effective type of physical exercise. In addition, it also saves your money when you decide to use it for going to your nearby destination on busy roads. Therefore, if longboarding has been your passion and if you’re searching for best longboard decks, then look no further than the above listed decks.

No matter, if you’re a beginner or even a pro, getting the best longboard decks will certainly make that Longboarding faster, easier and budget-friendly!