There is no doubt that over the page many decades, skateboarding has developed into a major recreational and sporting event. It also is a big hobby amongst thousands of people. However, skating as a sport and hobby has undergone quite a few changes because of changes to designs mainly based on customer needs and requirements. Decks have been reshaped and longboards have become a major part of the entire skating industry. There is also something known as mini skateboard which also is becoming quite popular. They are in fact becoming the most sought after skating devices in the market today.

What Are They

When we talk about a mini skateboard we are referring to skate decks that are shorter than the standard variant. They are around 30 to 32 inches and they come in various shapes and sizes. They also resemble kick flip decks and have kick tails that are symmetrical at both ends. They come with trucks which are short in length. There are a few mini skateboard solutions which may not be with softer and larger longboarding wheels. It also is possible to add riser pad to the trucks which will help remove the bite. This will help to add a wheel of any size to the entire mini skateboard set up. The best thing about these skating devices is that they are simple.


A Look At The Top Mini Skateboards In The Market


Since they are becoming quite popular across the board and are giving a new definition to skateboard as a whole it will be worthwhile to have a look at a few mini skateboard offerings from the market. College student in particular are extremely passionate about these skateboards.


5. Cal 7 Mini Cruiser Skateboard Complete 22 Inch Standard Retro Style Plastic Board


If you are searching for a good looking and high performing mini skateboard then it makes sense for you to have a closer look at this specific product from Cal 7. It looks quite gorgeous in different colors and is aerodynamically designed and has the best of ergonomics available in it. it comes packed with a number of features and it would be interesting to have a look at a few of them.


Important Features


It has top quality ABEC-7 high speed bearing. It comes in an assembled mode and therefore it is ready to use. The wheels according to many customers are a big takeaway. They come with a size of 59 mm and are super smooth and they wheel of this mini skateboard is made from high quality and durable wheel. The entire skateboard is made from 3.125 inch all aluminum alloy truck which can withstand high pressure and bear reasonably heavy weight. It is made both for adults and kids and therefore caters to the need of a long section of society.


Product Dimensions


It comes in three different colors light pink , yellow and icy green. It has a total dimension of 1 x 6 x 22 inches and the weight of the mini skateboard is 4 pounds. In spite of being quite lightweight it is easy to use. There is no denying the fact that it is built with the best quality raw materials. It can withstand a total weight of 80 kilograms or 176 pounds. It is rust and corrosion proof and it can continue to serve the interests of customers for a long period of time. Though there could be some who might say that it is suitable only for children, there are many adults who are also finding it extremely useful and are getting the best value for money. The board according to customers is very smooth and it simply glides over the surfaces.


What Do Customers Have To Say


At the end of the day customers have to accept the product and it would be not out of place to mention that it has won quite a few positive reviews. Almost 90% of customers who have used this product have given it a rating of 4.0 out of a possible 5.0 and this in itself is a good testimony to the quality of this mini skateboard. It is a cost effective skateboard and therefore customers feel that it offers the best value for money at all times.


Some Downsides


There are a few customers who have expressed reservations about the quality of the bearings. Otherwise there are reasons to believe that it is a good product.


4. Rude Boyz 17 Inch Mini Wooden Cruiser Skateboard Graphic Printed Skateboard


There is no denying the fact that when it comes to choosing a quality mini skateboard, there are a few names which are considered to be quite good. “Rude boys” is one such name and therefore this particular 17 inch model evinces quite a bit of interest. Let us try and have a look at some of the reasons why it is considered to be one of the good buys.


A Few Important Features


It is made from high quality wood and that is what makes this mini skateboard so very special and different from others. It comes with some of the most fun graphic print works and other unique design features. It is therefore a bit hit with children of various ages. Those children who love to stay outdoors will certainly find this mini skateboard interesting because of it various features. It comes in a ready to play condition and is extremely easy to use. It comes in an assembled format and this skateboard has quite a few other features too which go in making it very special. For example, the tapered shape which is concave and the rounded kick tail along with the nose offer versatile and high class performance and it can move long distances with ease.


It is suitable for children who are up to 121 lbs. It also has an ergonomic design and the fact that it is made from quality material ensures that it lasts a long time. The designs are also another important takeaway as far as this product is concerned.


Product Dimension And Other Details


It weighs around 1.5 pounds and is black in color. It comes with an overall dimension of 3.13 x 5.25 x 17 inches. It is available in three different designs and therefore young children will most certainly fall in love with this mini skateboard. The quality of wood is also quite good and it does not get damaged because of the elements of nature. It can be maintained easily and it is long lasting and durable.


What Customers Say


The size of the wheels is 10 mm wide and 40 mm in diameter. Hence it gives a reasonably good grip and that is what makes it quite acceptable to the customers. The board dimensions are 16.5 inches x 5 inches. Though wheel replacements are not included the quality of the original wheels are quite good.


3. Rude Boyz and OC Girl 17 Inch Mini Skateboard Retro Color Banana Board Cruiser Board


This could be considered as one of the finest looking mini skateboards which is available in the market today. This is certainly another great product from the house of Rude Boyz and the catchy blue color in which it comes is quite a big takeaway as far as this product is concerned. Additionally there are also limited editions of pink, black, orange and green colors in which it is available. Let us look at some of the important features.


A Look At Some Important Features


It is made from high quality plastic deck injection molded material. It is famous for being extremely durable. It is ready to play and use because it comes fully assembled. There are a number of other exciting features as far as this mini skateboard is concerned. It is made of urethane wheels which is extremely sturdy and is suited for bearing reasonably heavy weights. It can easily accommodate weight up to 121 pounds. Since this is a toy is not suitable for adult users. It is without any doubt one of the best as far as children and kids are concerned.


Dimensions And Other Details


The product comes with an overall dimension of 3.38 x 5.75 x 16.5 inches and weighs 1.4 pounds. The wheel and the board are vibrant and help children to remain outdoors because of the ease of use and the stunning design and color features it has.


What Customers Have To Say


It has received reasonably good reviews from customers and around 50% of customers feel that it is worth giving it a 4.0 out of 5.0 rating. This is decent enough but there are many avenues for improvement. However, customer like the design aspect and the cute colors in which it is available. This mini skateboard without any doubt is a good buy for young children of around seven.


Some Downsides


There are a few customers who feel that though it is said to be suitable for children around 9 years, in many cases those who are eight and above are not able to use it. However, such instances are few and far between. On the whole there are reasons to believe that it is an average product suitable only for children and kids.


2. Skatro – Mini Cruiser Skateboard


This is a 22 x 6 inch Retro Style mini skateboard which comes with a number of wonderful features and options. It comes complete with all attachments and tools. Here is a look at the various features and functionalities which go in making it a reasonably good product.


Basic Features


It comes with ABEC 7 Skatro Bearings, and quality Skatro wheels made from 59 MM urethane material. The aluminum trucks are 3 inches and are extremely lightweight but strong and robust. It also comes with the unique Skatro Flexy Technology. This is a proprietary manufacturing process making this mini skateboard different from many others available in the market today. It certainly offers the best value for money to customers because it outperforms most brands and models which are available in the market today. Further it is highly cost effective because this mini skateboard is sold at a price that is almost a fraction of other comparable brands and models.


It is perfectly suitable for commuting and it can easily be taken on planes, train, bus, subways and other such places and mode of transport. It also comes with T-tool. This is sold separately and comes with a small cost.




It is available in white panda color and has a total dimension of 5.3 x 6.4 x 22.8 inches. It weighs around 6 pounds.


What Customers Say


It has won a fabulous 96 4.0 out of 5.0 star rating making this mini skateboard certainly one of the best in the market. The Skatro Flexy Technology is something that has won the appreciation of thousands of customers.


On the whole it certainly is a great buy at a great price.


1. Rimable Complete 22 inch Skateboard


Coming from the house of Rimable this is a pretty looking and decently designed 22 inch mini skateboard. The brown color with designs makes it extremely attractive and there are other features too which are worth mention.


Some Important Features


It is made from high quality plastic material and this mini skateboard come fully assembled and is available in a ready to use condition. The trucks are made from high quality 3 inch thick aluminum material. The wheels are extremely super smooth and are made of ABEC 7 and PU materials. The high speed bearing is also a big takeaway as far as this product is concerned. it can bear a maximum load of 90 kgs or 198 pounds.




It comes in a unique fire skull color with multiple designs and the dimensions are 4.5 x 6.5 x 22 inches. It weighs around 4.5 pounds and this mini skateboard is sturdily built for long life and durability. The attractive patterns are extremely attractive for children and this makes it a highly sought after model. The durable materials make it suitable for use by all members of the family.


Customer Feedback


It has received quite a few hundred positive review and almost 85% of the customers have given it a rating of 4.0 out of 5.0 which is not bad at all. It is considered to be one of the smoothest and easy to use mini skateboard solutions in the market today. The high bounce feature is something which has won the accolades of many customers.




The bearings though of good quality are not the fastest and therefore speed might be an issue for some.


Nonetheless this is a good mini skateboard which walks the talk in performance.