A skateboard grip tape is a length of adhesive sheet which is applied on the deck of a skateboard, longboard or cruiser to increase grip and traction. When you buy a grip tape, you will find it has a loose cover on one side. Peel this one off to reveal the sticky surface beneath. This is the surface which goes on the top of your board’s deck and is usually covered with industrial grade adhesive glue to ensure it sticks permanently.

As you shop for an appropriate skateboard grip tape, keep in mind the dimensions of your skateboard. Most grip tape sheets are available in the standard dimensions of 9 inches by 33 inches. This offers adequate area to cover your entire skateboard and leave some to spare. Some tapes are much wider and longer depending on the manufacturer’s preferences. Once the deck is covered, carefully cut off the extra material using a knife. Now your skateboard is ready for some serious action!

Top 10 Skateboard Reviews

To help you choose the best skateboard grip tape this year, here is a series of reviews based on the best selling skateboards on Amazon.com online store.

10. Jessup Skateboard Griptape Roll (9-Inch x 60-Feet, Black)


This Jessup skateboard grip tape may appear at the tail end of this review but that shouldn’t be taken to mean it is a pushover. Indeed, even a cursory look at its features and specifications proves the tape is no slouch. It exceeds many standards and even redefines new performance levels in terms of grip, traction and durability.

Of course, the first thing you will notice about this skateboard grip tape is its size. While it is just 9 inches wide, as the specified standard, it is nonetheless much longer than your standard issue grip tape. It is a roll of 60 feet long, proving a commercial standard supply for all your needs.

Many customers who have tried this Jessup product are immediately struck by its ease of application. It is also guaranteed to hold fast and will not peel off even when subjected to extremes of weather and friction.


You can get further insights as to what the grip tape has to offer from this summary:

Brand: Jessup

Size: 9 inches wide, 60 feet long

Color: Black

Grit texture: Silicon carbide grit

Latest best Amazon best seller Rank: #16 in Skateboard Grip Tape



9. DreamFair Clear Skateboard Grip Tape Longboard Grip Tape Clear


Are you looking to give your skateboard deck an extra amount of failsafe traction? What if you do not want to cover the branding and decals already emblazoned on the deck? Then you have the choice of the clear DreamFair Skateboard Grip Tape. However, if you like a more cavalier approach, you could order the same tape but this time in the standard issue, black silicon carbide grit surface.

Whichever of the two versions of the DreamFair grip tapes you opt for, you can be assured of performance and reliability. The tapes are designed to comply with the best standards in the industry. This makes them suitable for both professionals and upstart skateboarders.

The DreamFair grip tape for skateboards and longboards is the ultimate proof that you can get championship performance even from an aging skateboard if it has adequate traction and grip. However, you will have to try it out for yourself to find out just how true this truism is.

Before adding it to your shopping box, let this summary of its features provide you with a better idea of what it has to offer:

Brand: DreamFair

Size: 9 inches wide, 33 inches long (also available in 10 by 43 inches)

Color: Black (also available in clear/transparent)

Grit texture: Silicon carbide grit

Latest best Amazon best seller Rank: #10 in Skateboard Grip Tape



8. Grizzly Grip Stamp Print Grip


Be the king of the sidewalk, open streets or the skateboarding arena. All you need is to invest in this innovative skateboard grip tape from the brand Grizzly Griptape. It comes in the standard 33 inches long, 9 inches wide dimensions.

The tape has the classic black silicon carbide grit surface appearance. However, what makes it unique is the distinctive Grizzly diamond branding (an alternative version comes in white) to help make your board unique and personalized.

This grip tape has some of the best reviews on Anmazon.com as well as other authorized reseller online stores. It is not for nothing. As you look at its features and performance, the reasons for its good performance with users become apparent. For starters, it is very easy and intuitive to apply it. Secondly, it has a unique surface and branding to distinguish your skateboard. And, of course, it lasts mush longer than convention dictates.

Here is a brief look at the grip tapes most essential features:

Brand: Grizzly Griptape

Size: 9 inches wide, 33 inches long

Color: Black with diamond logo (also available with white logo)

Grit texture: Silicon carbide grit

Latest best Amazon best seller ranking: #9 in Skateboard Grip Tape



7. Mob Grip Kosmos Grip Tape by Mob Grip


Mob Grip is one of the most easily recognizable names when it comes to providing grip for skateboards and longboards. This particular one comes with a distinctive custom print of the cosmos. It is literally the tape which brings not just the world but the universe beneath your feet.

Many conscientious cruisers and boarders will love this grip tape for its looks alone. However, there is more than mere appearances to recommend this tape. Its grippy adhesive surface means you do not have to worry about the tape peeling off as a result of extreme weather. Indeed, the grit surface on top is of such consistency that you will find excellent traction irrespective of ambient moisture or the nature of your footwear.

This is a grip tape which offers you extreme confidence on your skateboard. It is great for beginners as well as professionals. This means one thing: anyone looking for an out-of-the-box gift idea, this grip tape will prove as good as any you may come up with this year.

A summary of its important features and specs are offered below:

Brand: KOSMOS by Mob Grip

Size: 9 inches X 33 inches

Color: Cosmic galaxy

Grit texture: Silicon carbide grip

Latest best Amazon best seller Rank: #8 in Skateboard Grip Tape



6. Camco 25401 Non-Slip Grip Tape for Steps (2″ x 15′, Black)


As you may already tell from the title above, this is not a grip tape designed for skateboards per se. Rather, it is designed for providing grip on steps such as the ones you have on your RV. Its dimensions are another dead giveaway.

So what makes this tape good for skateboards even when it is not designed for such purposes? In a word: versatility. Even if the tape measures two inches wide, it is much longer than any specialist skateboard grip tape you are ever going to find online. At fifteen feet in length, you have more than enough to apply across a dozen skateboards and to spare.

If you need to provide grip tape to prevent accidents at the entrance of your RV or house, this is the perfect tape to use. But why invest more money buying more grip tape for your skateboard? As many past customers have attested, this tape provides just as much grip and is considerably cheaper to boot!

Here are the features you need to keep in mind as you compare this with other skateboard grip tapes in this review:

Brand: Camco

Size: 2 inches wide, 15 feet long

Color: Black (also available in black with yellow safety stripe)

Grit texture: Silicon carbide grit

Latest best Amazon best seller Rank: #7 in Skateboard Grip Tape



5. Black Diamond Longboard Skateboard Grip Tape Sheet Black 48″


Get the best grip you ever wished to get from your skateboard when you apply this grip tape on the surface. This is an especially larger design than what you usually get from standard tapes. It measures an expansive 10 inches on its width and stretches 48 inches (4 feet) from one tip to the other. This extent offers you more than enough sticky tape to apply on several skateboards or all the applications you will need on your one skateboard for a number of years.

On the surface of the skateboard you get high density silicon carbide grit. The grit surface offers good traction and is virtually wear resistant. The tape is not only proven good enough for giving your skateboard a new lease of life but also increasing its versatility. For instance, you will find skating during inclement weather almost effortless when you apply this tape.

Once you peel off the protective paper cover, you will be impressed by the highly adhesive surface beneath. The thickness of the tape itself is further testament to its quality and longevity.

For comparative shopping purposes, we have provided a standard summary of the tape’s features and specifications below:

Brand: Black Diamond

Size: 10 inches X 48 inches

Color: Black

Grit texture: Silicon carbide grit

Latest best Amazon best seller Rank: #6 in Skateboard Grip Tape



4. SCSK8 CLEAR Longboard Skateboard Grip tape Sheet


Even if your aging skateboards and longboards seem to have had the best of their usable quality, you can change all that with this sheet of grip tape from SCSK8. The tape is shaped ready to apply and you wll experience immediate change. For starters, the board will seem much more intuitive to control. You are also going to find better traction and swerving directions will be easier.

The SCSK8 skateboard grip tape has been designed by skateboarders for skateboarders. They have therefore optimized on the important features and left out some of the ostentatious features which often have more drawbacks than benefits for the performance of your skateboard.

The most unique feature of this tape is the clear design. This means if you have some branding or logos on the surface of your skateboard, you will be able to retain them splendidly. As such, your board doesn’t lose its character just because of the tape applied on top.

This summary of its features and specifications is all you need to know what to expect of this board:

Brand: SCSK8

Size: 10 inches X 48 inches

Color: Clear

Grit texture: Silicon carbide grit

Latest best Amazon best seller Rank: # in Skateboard Grip Tape



3. Black Widow 9″ x 33″ Skateboard Griptape/Grip Tape 1 sheet


On first looking at it, this seems like just another 9 by 33 inch skateboard grip tape. However, a closer look reveals some very unique features. For one, it has a very sturdy grit surface made of high quality silicon carbide compound. This offers excellent grip and can be relied upon to ensure you have full control of the skateboard. This is equally true for skating on flat surfaces as it is for skating on inclines.

Even when subjected to extreme colds or very high temperatures, the tape will stick well to the surface and not peel off. The tape has been designed for versatility of use and will therefore prove good not only on skateboards but also on cruisers and longboards.

Before spending money on a purchase, it is important to ensure you are getting the right product. In case of this Black Widow grip tape, the tell tale sign is a black window logo at the back. Genuine Black Widow products have a distinct etched logo and you don’t need to be an expert to distinguish between the real product and fakes.

You can check out this summary of the tape’s essential features and specifications for further information:

Brand: Black Widow

Size: 9 inches X 33 inches

Color: Black (also available in 7 other colors and patterns)

Grit texture: Silicon carbide grit

Latest best Amazon best seller Rank: #3 in Skateboard Grip Tape


2. Jessup Skateboard Griptape Sheet


Jessup is a brand which has established itself as market leader in the area of action sports. This skateboard grip tape is therefore designed for performance and quality. It is indeed a preference of many professional skateboarders looking to perform at the very highest levels. It is a standard sized grip tape measuring 9 inches wide and being 33 inches long. This is more than adequate to cover the essential surface of a skateboard and leave plenty to spare.

Skateboarders love this skateboard grip tape for its reliability. You only need to apply it once and then be guaranteed a skateboard which performs at top level all year long. Whether you do your skating out on the streets or at a specialist skate park, you can always rely on the Jessup mark of quality.

The Jessup grip tape for skateboards distinguishes itself from the rest of the competition because it is so easy to apply. Indeed, the surface is perforated to ensure that no bubbles are left trapped beneath it as you apply. The glued surface is also designed with industry grade adhesion to ensure it sticks well and cannot come off even with main force. The grit itself is also of the highest standards. It will offer good traction even when the surface is wet or dusty.

Here is a summary of its essential features and specifications:

Brand: Jessup Grip Tape

Size: 9 inches X 33 inches

Color: Black

Grit texture: Silicon carbide grit

Latest best Amazon best seller Rank: #2 in Skateboard Grip Tape

1. Mob Skateboard Grip Tape Sheet Black 9″ BUBBLE FREE


Give your skateboard or longboard better grip by applying this highly adhesive skateboard grip tape. Being one of the latest releases in the BC Surf & Sport catalog for 2017, it is fitted with long lasting and reliable silicon carbide grit. It is available in the standard dimensions of 9 inches for the width and 33 inches for the length. The surface of the tape is littered with barely perceptible perforations. This unique design allows air to escape easily so you can apply the tape easily without trapping any bubbles beneath the surface. The grit on the surface is of such consistency that it will not wear out even with long usage.

The surface of the grip tape is optimized to lock full color illustrations as well as photographs. Emblazon the skateboard grip tape with your own decals personalized graphics. Adding such will not compromise the grip, durability or appearance of your skateboard.

From whichever angle you regard this skateboard grip tape; it is truly worth the money you spend purchasing it. It is long lasting and offers sufficient purchase even when you cannot avoid getting some moisture on the surface of your skateboard.


A summary of the grip tapes main features and specifications is provided below:

Brand: Mob Grip by BC Surf & Sport

Size: 9 inches X 33 inches

Color: Black

Type of adhesion: Silicon-carbide grit

Latest best Amazon best seller Rank: #1 in Skateboard Grip Tape

The Final Word

The reviews above prove that anyone looking for a new skateboard grip tape will be spoilt for choice online. The featured tapes have distinguished themselves in the market after earning praise from both professional and amateur skateboarders. We have provided in-depth insights on what each tape offers so you do not have to waste your money on substandard material and regret later. However, you need not take our word for it. Head over to Amazon.com using the links provided for more information including objective customer reviews, photographs and videos.