Skateboarding is an activity many enjoy. While the activity is quite thrilling, there are some dangers associated with it. Frequent falls when skating are expected and skaters need to take the necessary steps to protect their bodies against injuries. The only way that a skater can eliminate the likelihood of incurring traumatic head injuries when skating is by investing in a good skateboard helmet and wearing it when skating.

Given the numerous skateboard available in the market today, choosing one can be quite a task especially if you do not know what to look for to ensure that you get nothing short of the best there is. Below we discuss some of the features that you should look for when shopping for a skateboard helmet. We will also list 5 of the best skateboard helmets in the market today and some of the features that make these helmets stand out.

Things to consider when shopping for a Skateboard Helmet


This is by far the most important thing that you should consider. Even the best of helmets will not do you much good if it does not fit right. If you can, go to a shop and see which size is right for you. When buying online, ensure that you know the size of your head before placing your order. A good helmet should comfortably touch your head and the straps should fit snugly such that the helmet will stay in place in case of an accident.


Everything from the construction to the materials used to make the helmet should be high in quality. In skateboard helmets just like with anything else in life, the devil is in the details. Carefully examine all details and ensure that the outer cover is tough while the inside is soft and comfortable.

Buying from a reputable brand is one of the ways you can ensure that you get a quality helmet that will serve you well for long. The brands do a lot of research and are dedicated to only providing the safest and best quality helmets that money can buy.


If you are concerned about style, you should get a helmet that matches your style and preference. Fortunately, the market has an abundance of stylish helmets that come in different colors. You can, therefore, be sure that you will get a helmet designed to keep you safe and also ensure that you stay stylish as you skate.


This should be the last thing to consider given the fact that skateboard helmets are quite affordable. That said price can be a major determiner of the helmet you settle for especially if you do not have much to spend on a helmet. While it may be tempting to go for the cheapest helmet you find, be careful and ensure both the fit and the quality of the helmet are right. There is no point of buying a cheap helmet that does not fit right or one that you will need to replace after just a few uses.

Below are 5 of the best skateboard helmets you can find in the market.

Triple Eight Certified Helmet

This helmet comes with dual certification that includes the CE NE 1078 and AS/NZS/206. The helmet is quite versatile and can be used by skaters as well as cyclists. Some of the features that make this helmet tick include;

Professional quality

The dual certification is a clear sign that this is a professional helmet. Skaters who participate in professional competitions can use this helmet with confidence knowing that it comes with the right certifications. Though this is a professional helmet, it is also an ideal choice for skaters who engage in this activity just for the fun.


If you enjoy skating and other activities such as cycling, this helmet will serve you well. You will not have to go shopping for another helmet to protect your head when engaging in other activities that you enjoy. This Triple Eight helmet will be all you need to safeguard your head both when skating and while on your bike.

The padding in this helmet is also replaceable. This means that you can just replace the padding after some time instead of buying a new helmet. The padding itself is breathable and is designed to ensure that your head stays dry and comfortable when you are engaging in different activities.


This is a simple yet stylish helmet. The colors are quite mild so the helmet appeals to both male and female skaters.



This helmet is priced in the medium to high range and it may not be an ideal pick for those shopping on a budget. Going by the outstanding features and the numerous reviews available online, it is, however, clear that this helmet is worth every penny and so much more. Definitely a great buy for skaters looking for a quality helmet that is designed with their safety in mind, and one that can be used for long while showing minimal if any wear.

Pro-Tec Classic Skate Helmet

Protec helmets have been among the top selling helmets for a while now. Pro-tech is dedicated to producing quality helmets that ensure that skaters are well protected as they skate. Some of the features that make this helmet stand out include;


A good helmet should be light. This way, skaters can comfortably wear them without having to worry about the weight they are carrying on their heads. This helmet is made of a light shell and light interiors that ensure that the end product is very light.

Great Construction

The construction in this Pro-Tec creation is what makes this helmet a top seller on Amazon among other sites. This helmet is designed to take quite a beating and still stand the test of time. The manufacturer pays attention to the tinniest of details to ensure that this is a well-constructed and durable helmet.

Great Ventilation

Ventilation is another feature that makes this helmet standout. Just like other protec helmets, this one comes with amazing ventilation so that you can wear the helmet without experiencing any discomfort as you are having fun. To further push aeration and comfort, this helmet comes with a wicker lining that ensures that the helmet stays dry at all times.


Even with all these great features, this helmet comes with a few weak points that the manufacturer should consider. These weak points include;

The skateboard helmet surface can be scratched

This helmet scratches especially when dragged along concrete floors. The damage, however, only appears on the surface as the shell stays intact even after a hard fall. The interiors are also made using quality materials that are lasting and also ensure comfort. That said it would be great if this skateboard helmet came with a surface that cannot be scratched.

Straps do not tighten well

This mostly happens when kids are concerned. Teens and adults, however, do not experience this problem.

V-17 Youth Multi-Sport Helmet by Razor

Razor is a well-known manufacturer of quality and stylish travel accessories. Aside from top quality hoverboards and kids bike, this Company is also gaining recognition for this top-selling youth skakteboard helmet. Some of the Helmet’s outstanding features include;

Innovative design

This is one of the most stylish helmets available in the market. The designs made with the users’ safety in mind and young skaters as well as young cyclists can use this helmet to ensure that their heads are well protected. The design ensures that the helmet is especially a great choice for skaters or cyclists with an oval head.

Amazing color and finish

This helmet comes with a bright color theme which is a welcome break from all the greys and blacks that you see in this field. The bright colors are something that young people, both male and female can identify with. The helmet also comes with a smooth finish that keeps the skateboard helmet looking as good as new even with everyday use.

Great Ventilation

This skateboard helmet comes with 17 side vents. These are more than enough vents to keep skaters cool even in the hottest of days.


Does not fit all head shapes

This helmet favors those who have oval heads. Those with other shapes may be disadvantaged as the head may not fit as snuggly. For those with an oval head, however, the great ventilation and build make this one of the best helmets that is specifically designed for the youth. The smooth and bright outer also makes this a stylish helmet that will show minimal wear even after being subjected to a few falls and accidents.

Not ideal for adults

This helmet is specifically designed for kids and teens. This means that adults who like the helmet for its great ventilation, innovative design, and comfortable interior are locked out. Fortunately, there are more than enough helmets in different shapes and sizes that are specifically designed for use by adults who enjoy skating among other outdoor activities.

BMX ProRider Bike and Skating Helmet

BMX products are recognized the world over for their quality and durability. This ProRider helmet just like all BMX helmets is designed to ensure maximum protection while ensuring that users get the best value for their money. Some of the features that make this skateboard helmet stand out are;

Hard outer shell

The hard body is designed to ensure that your head is well safeguarded in the event of a fall. This hard shell is combined with padding that reduces impact ensuring that you can survive a hard fall without any serious injuries to your head. With this skating helmet, you can concentrate on improving your skills knowing that your head is well protected.

Durable straps

This are designed to make it easy for you to secure your helmet. The straps came with a quick-release buckle to ensure that you have an easy time removing the helmet after use. You can also adjust the strap to a length that you are comfortable with.

Great Quality

Just like all skateboard helmets on this list, this BMX helmet is high in quality. The shell, the padding, and the strap are made to perfection using high-quality material. You can, therefore, be sure that the helmet will last and all you will need to do is keep it clean to get the best out of it.

Punisher Pro Series Skateboard Helmet

This is another great helmet that is great for both novice and seasoned skaters. Aside from the fact that it is made by one of the leading manufacturers of quality helmets, it also comes with a number of features that makes it quite popular. These features include;

Can be used for cycling too

This helmet works for both body skaters and bikers. If you enjoy cycling as well, then you will not have to buy another helmet. This Punisher skateboard helmet will keep you safe when you are on your bike and when you are skating.

Great Cooling System

This helmet comes with a great cooling system. Thanks to the air vents placed in different parts of the helmet, you are guaranteed of optimal comfort even when you are skating in the sun. The fabric inside the helmet is also breathable to ensure that you are not sweaty and uncomfortable when you should be having a great time.


Large for small kids

This is not a great helmet for kids. For one, the helmet is quite large. The padding also doesn’t attach well to the outer shell. If you head fits and you are able to secure the padding, however, you can be sure that this is one helmet you will enjoy having. The overall construction is nothing short of outstanding and the adjustable straps ensure that the helmet stays in place even in the event of a hard fall.

These are the best skateboard helmets available today. Go through them focusing on the features to see whether there is one that will appeal to you. Even with these 5 helmets, you get a variety of colors so you can get a helmet in your favorite color. The helmets are also priced differently and even if you do not have much to spend on a helmet, you can be sure that you will find a helmet that will come with all the right features and also squarely fit within your budget.