Have you recently taken up skateboarding as hobby or sports, you must know about a lot of things for ensuring your safety and you need to learn ways for properly using the outdoor skateboard and skate parks indoor. Many sources of information are available when you seek information on skateboard and longboard trucks models, safety tips, skateboarding techniques, and skateboarding sport. You can read some skateboarding magazines to learn about new products and safety measures to become a better skateboarder. These magazines have classified ads allowing to get connected with other skateboarders and learning more advanced techniques.

Skateboard Shops

Two major kinds of skateboard and longboard trucks shops can offer information for skateboarding; one is local skateboarding shop, brick and mortar store which offers some modern skateboarding accessories and equipment.

Skateboard shop of the second type is online skateboard shop, which is becoming more and popular with time. The online shop is ideal for getting information on skateboards and the sport as you can access it from comfort of one’s own home. These online skateboard shops has a large number of products as compared to a regular shop and you get the opportunity to access articles or product reviews which the local skateboard shop will not be able to offer.

A proper skateboard is much needed for you to ride safely. The cheap plastic versions that you get may risk your safety. Skateboarding, like all sports, needs one foot be at front while other goes in the back. So you need a perfect hardy board to ride turning smoothly with easy manoeuvre.

So are you planning to buy skateboard and longboard trucks? Do you wish to receive best one for enhancing the gaming experience and enjoying it for a longer time? If your answer is yes, then you can consider the following five products. This article, will offer the details of the five skateboards with their pros and cons along with the features.
1. Super Skateboards Cruiser Quest Longboard Skateboard

Quest Skateboards longboard offers riders a nice combination of amazing features with style. This skateboard and longboard trucks truly satisfies the needs of every levels of riders. Some of the key features are 44-Inch bamboo artisan longboard , Hardwood Multi-ply Maple with amazing artisan deck of bamboo, 70mm Durable wheels , Rugged 7 inches aluminium trucks , ABEC 7 bearings and Kick tail. It is available with three colors: black, green and purple. It has a dimension of 44 x 9 x 43 inches and Weighs around 10 pounds.


This Quest® 44″ Super Cruiser longboard comes with a stunning bamboo or hardwood maple deck having cool abstract graphics.

The Rugged aluminium trucks with 70 mm durable PU wheels helps in its smooth running, and wheel wells inhibits bites during extreme turns.

The top mount boards, with precise turning response as it has more ground clearance, this helps in smooth deeper turns and creating completely different feel during movement as if on water.


The wooden deck is very beautiful and has a shiny finish at the bottom with simple design accentuating natural grain look of bamboo. The deck has a slight camber, and center of the board curves up with tail and nose allowing the board to withstand more weight and dose not sag at the middle and provides room for flexing on carves.

The grip tape covers the top fully without any issue till now and is of high quality and has great traction even when wet.

The wheel hardness on the board is mid-range compared to other longboard wheels and as such they suit every average rider around. The wheels have good traction as it has bevelled edges and a big contact patch.

The trucks are solid, and is a complete board come with stellar bushings.

It is affordable.


When it comes to the negative sides, you will not find many. Some of them are

The deck is not very flexible and is a bit stiff.

The wheel bearings though perform well, but isn’t the fastest. The bearing is lubricated with something on heavier side, to provide heat protection and so speed factor got compromised.

The tail and kick nose on this board looks adorable but in some cases you are not able to turn quickly enough.

The wheelbase on the board is short giving better turning response but making the board center a little stiff.



This skateboard and longboard trucks seems a good longboard as for the price it is listed. The bamboo-reinforced hardwood deck being the best part of the board as reviewed by most users. It is big, not very easy and fast in control. It recommended highly by the users. But yes, some users find that the stock wheels are great for clear road, but in case of rocky road or other debris, the speed may not be that much. The bushings are not great. You can go through overall reviews of different customers, it is appreciated by most of them. If the minor negative points are avoided, rest of the features are valued highly by other users. You may consider all those features while buying skateboard and longboard trucks. Additionally, it may be customized quite easily which makes it a favorite option among the users.


2. Sector 9 Fractal Complete Skateboard, 9.0 x

This board was introduced with a purpose that though it has the feel of a longboard, but it can create tighter curves and lines with great speed and agility and stunning graphics. The riders looking for a longer wheelbase while cruising will be satisfied by the length of the Fractal, and can easily do tight turns. Some of the key features of this skateboard and longboard trucks are Rides on 9″ Gullwing Sidewinder II’s with 69mm 78A Sector 9 top shelf wheels with PDP Abec 5 bearings, 8 ply maple with CNC drop through mounting.



Wheels are smooth and grippy

Beautiful Design and stunning graphics art

Solid Construction

Smooth Ride, superb flexibility

Great for cruising but still able to easily turn


When it comes to the negative points, you will not find many. Some users are not satisfied with

Board graphics not matching online display.

Some stock bearings are a bit noisy.


Sector 9 Fractal Complete Skateboard is appreciated by majority of the users because of some of its striking features including top quality, super flexibility, smooth while taking turns, and better performance. Though it is suggested by majority of users but some are not happy with the graphics and the noisy bearings.

The product is affordable, and offers all the distinct features for enhancing your skating experience.

3. Atom Pin-Tail Longboard (39-Inch)

Most of the skateboard and longboard trucks designed specifically for improving skating skill of the players and offer smooth turns while riding. The Atom Pin-tail longboard serves as a superb entry level longboard and offers a great pricing perfect option for longboard riders who are in the beginner’s level. The pin-tail deck shape is classic and concave cross section makes easy flowing curves. Some of the brilliant features of this longboard are laminate maple deck, traditional longboard trucks of 217mm axles, 80S best quality grip tape, 65x35mm extereme high rebound urethane wheels-SHR, Classic Pintail shape, amazing pintail longboard superb for cruising, Components of 8.5 inch Aluminium Truck, Deck is made of Maple Laminate , 5 Bearings Abec, full coverage grip tape top with 65mm or 78A Urethane Wheels, Longboard having deck in classic shape helps avoiding wheel bites, 78A urethane wheels , Maple laminate deck, and colorful design underneath. It measures 39 x 9.4 x 6 (LxWxH). It comes in three design woody, blue surf and orange tile.



• The parts are smooth and customizable.

• It can be a great choice for the longboard beginners’ riders and comes within budget easily.

• Board’s grip tape is strong

• This board is 10 x 39 making it good for carving and can go down hills fast

• Smooth cruising and affordable

• Board has a great design and deck is sturdy


Cons are quite few to be counted. This skateboard and longboard trucks has wheels that doesn’t slide very well and sometimes hard to do some manuals.


Atom Pin-Tail Longboard is appreciated by the customers for some of its amazing qualities such as the hardy laminate maple deck, smooth cruising, and stunning design at affordable price. When it comes to the negative sides, few users are not satisfied with the stiffness of the product. Otherwise, most users recommend this and a great investment for the inexperienced longboard beginner riders.

4. Landyachtz Switch 40″ Longboard Complete Skateboard. Deck freeriding with exceptionally staple symmetrical design

Landyachtz’s Switch 40″ longboard is ideally designed for every rider experienced or inexperienced, constructed having a dropped platform. The Switch helps in easy pushing, stability, and locked in ride. The Switch gives the opportunity to keep you go fast and shred hard irrespective of the type of riding such as downhill, freeride or just cruising.


• It has a symmetrical shape without any front or back, has comfortable concave, with overall good looking board.

• Deck is created from 9 layers of Canadian maple, and 2 extra layers of fiber glass.

• Wheels a very nice with good grip

• Trucks are at nice angle offering great performance


When it comes to negative points there are not many. Some users find the bearing is not that smooth. Otherwise, the product is good and perfect for downhill skating.


Landyachtz Switch 40″ Longboard Complete Skateboard is appreciated by the users for the reasons that it rolls easily, easy to push, and is quite responsive to heel and toe turning. It looks beautiful exactly like the online picture. The “w” shape is deep enough and can be felt without looking down while tackling tiny hills, but minimal enough so that the feet is comfortably placed in small stance. This skateboard and longboard trucks is definitely recommended for its heavy set for tall riders and beginners as well. In spite of this advanced features, many users feel the bearing needs improvement as it creates unnecessary sounds. This is a minor negative point which is quite insignificant when compared to the overall beneficial qualities.

5. PRO Aero active Longboard Skateboard Complete (45-Inch)

This skateboard and longboard trucks offers high speed and stability for riders while cruising. This ideally designed for those who want to push less for daily commute. This board is perfect suited for longer relaxed rides on the sidewalks, or practice your broad walking skills, with the wheels allowing smooth cruise without any bites. This is highly durable pressed with 7 piles of hardwood maple, high rebound and shock absorbent 62 mm polyurethane wheels and clear sandblast grip tape for classic surf look. Some salient features are 45 Inch Hardwood Multi-ply Maple having Kick Tail, ABEC eleven Bearings and gripped of clear Sandblast –Speed high and Free-ride, Reverse Kingpin Aluminium Truck of dimension 7 inch 180 and superb Durable PU 62 x 51 mm Wheels .



• Great quality with thick and sturdy Built

• Fully Assembled, and applicable for Skill Level of Beginners and advanced Riders

• The board is excellent and light weight

• Awesome design with bright colour

• Smooth steady ride.


It is difficult to find any negative points with this skateboard and longboard trucks. One minor negative point is front truck was found crooked in some samples so it wobbled and did not rest on the wheels. This minor point was observed by very few users. Otherwise, this skateboard is very good in all aspects.


PRO Aeroactive Complete Longboard Skateboard is much appreciated among users for its highly durable and strong body, ideal for longer relaxed rides on the sidewalks with amazing bright design. This skateboard and longboard trucks is considered an ideal option for those who want to push less for daily commute. Though very few users received products with crooked front truck, but if you consider all other good points this is merely not important.



All these skateboard and longboard trucks have some salient features and developed facilities. Most of them are pretty affordable and can be used to enhance the user experience of skating of various kinds. But before you buy, make an estimate of your budget and requirements and then select the one that can serve your purpose best. You can have a glimpse through the above features to know which joystick skateboard and longboard trucks are able to enhance your experience and impr