SkatbaoSince the evolution of skateboards in 1950s in California the popularity of skateboarding has seen considerable rises and falls as a sport as well as a hobby. But people are interested in vintage skateboards since last few years. Their unique design and style are the main reasons of the increasing interest in the old skateboards.

Initially, skateboarding appeared as a hobby in California in 1950s when people started to attach the wheels of roller skates under the boxes or boards to allow them to surf on the pavements. With the increasing popularity of these manipulated skateboards has encouraged many companies to produce the initial version of skateboards with flat decks made of compressed wood. The popularity of these skateboards was at peak by 1963. They were usually used for freestyle skateboarding or downhill slalom skateboarding. But by 1965 the popularity of this sport for youngsters started declining. Most of the producers of skateboards changed their line of business with time whereas many started their production again after several years as vintage skateboards. Most people like to buy these old styled skateboards not only for using them for skateboarding by including some latest equipment but also for keeping them as collectible. They normally prefer to use skateboards of latest style for skateboarding as they are much better than old styled gear.

If you are one of the people who buy vintage skateboards to keep them as collectible or use them after including some latest equipment in them then you will find various types of skateboards in the market. In the presence of wide variety of skateboards makes it difficult to choose the best one for you. Reviews and pros and cons of some of the top best vintage skateboards provided in this write-up can be of great help for you in this regard.

1. Unidepot 31″ Vintage Single Kick Skateboard

Main features of Unidepot Vintage Single Kick Skateboard include its 31” skateboard suitable for the riders of all levels, precision ball bearing, extremely strong truck made of aluminium, and deck made of 8 layers of maple hardwood coated with sand. The classic stripping provided on its board provides this skateboard a vintage status. Its high-rebound wheels are made of hand casted poly urethane to provide them great grip and roll.


These vintage skateboards can be used by the beginner as well as experienced skaters due to its 31” long skateboard

The accuracy of its ball bearings and additional strength of its aluminium truck make it more reliable skateboard

Its maple hardwood Deck is coated with sand to avoid slipping.

Classic stripping in its design give it a really vintage look

Its grip and rolling on road is great due to its hand casted high-rebound Poly Urethane wheels


The registered users of Unidepot 31″ Single Kick Vintage Skateboards have rarely found any defect in their respective pieces. If there was any defect in any individual case that was very negligible as compared to its benefits.


Most of the users of UNIDEPOT 31″ Single Kick Skateboard have appreciated it due to its affordable price and compatibility with the riders of all levels. Its high rebound hand casted wheels made of poly urethane are another reason of the praise of these vintage skateboards as they provide it great grip and rolling capability hard surfaces. Its 8.4 inch wide deck with red stripe graphic is coated with sand to prevent slipping. The 0.4 inch thick deck is made of 8 layers of maple hardwood to provide it durability. The size of its wheels is 2.3”x1.75”x0.63 inch to provide stability and smooth ride to its ultra strong aluminium truck with precision ball bearings.

2. Retro Style 22″ Fish Skateboard in Pastel Colour

Fish brand has introduced these retro style vintage skateboards in five colour variants Black, Blue, Pink, Purple and White so that you can choose one as per your liking and suitability. The 22” long and 6” wide deck of this skateboard is made of maple wood to give it strength and durability. Its deck is fitted on 3” wide fish brand silver polished trucks with the help of highly strong black headed Allen bolts. Its long lasting structure can bear the maximum user load up to 220 pounds.


These are strong vintage skateboards with retro styled deck introduced by Fish brand.

It has strong grip due to its classic waffle pattern design

Its ABEC-7 bearings make it a fast skateboard in its class

Its wheels made of polyurethane offer smooth ride every time

Its steel trucks provide it stability and durability

The size of its deck is 22”x 6” which is enough for comfortable ride


Some of its users have found that its wheels get dirty faster than other skateboards due to their green or blue colour.

Feed back

Though Retro Style 22″ Pastel Colour Fish Skateboard has a minor drawback of getting its wheels dirty faster but it has a number of positive features which make it one of the best vintage skateboard in its class. The features that are appreciated by its users include its 22”x6” deck made of maple wood, ABEC-7 bearings, trucks made of steel and polyurethane wheels. All of these features provide this skateboard durability, long life and enable it to provide smooth ride every time you use it.

So if you can avoid the minor drawback mentioned by some of its users then these vintage skateboards can be the best option for you. Moreover you can also resolve this defect by cleaning its wheels after every use as smooth ride is more important than the looks of its wheels. Only clean wheels cannot ensure smooth and comfortable ride. The wheels must be strong and durably to provide you stability on the track.

3. The Boss Board – Complete 22″ Vintage Skateboard

The brand Boss Board has introduced these vintage skateboards in five models – Revolution in Black Deck and Red Wheels combination, Bunny with White Deck and Pink Wheels combination, Stealth with White Deck and Black Wheels combination, Superman with Blue Deck and Red Wheels combination and Dragon with Red Deck and Yellow Wheels combination. You can choose from them according to your preferences and suitability. You receive this skateboard in completely ready-to-go condition after opening its box. It offers a great combination of fun and exercise for the people of all levels of skills. Its 4 pound weight and 22” x 6” size make it n easily portable skateboard in its class.


These are ultimate street vintage skateboards with compact design

People ranging from beginners to expert cruiser can use it with equal ease

Wide colour combinations in five models allow you to choose one as per your liking

High density plastic deck, top class construction, ABEC-7 bearings, 59mm super smooth wheels, and solid aluminium trucks collectively enabled it to get position in this list.

Its 22” long and 6” wide size and 4 pound weight make it easily portable

Its quality is supported with full lifetime warranty.


You may have to tighten or loosen its screws to adjust it according to your needs.

When you get sweaty it gets a kind of coating with funky smell

Its wheels are very tight. You will have learn how to loosen them with the help of a wrench


The Boss Board – Complete 22″ Vintage Skateboards are introduced by the brand that is known to produce ideal skateboards for the boarders of all skill levels. It is the best option for you if you want to get a rugged, complete and ready-to-ride skateboard from the box.

The Boss Board is a brand that initiated the skating revolution in Southern California in 1970s. Today it is creating top class vintage skateboards for all type of boarders, beginner as well as experienced. They offer lifetime warranty on the materials and parts of all of their models. So you can buy them confidently to enjoy the fun of smooth riding every time, regardless of your level of expertise.

4. Rude Boyz Retro Wooden Cruiser Vintage skateboard

These 17 Inch mini vintage skateboards have been introduced by the brand Rude Boyz & OC Girl for boys as well as girls. It is available in white and green colour variants to make it easy to choose one for you. This retro skateboard made of durable wood which you might have used in your childhood can now be used by the kids in your family. Any boy or girls who will use it will stand out in the crowd of other boarders due to the cool graphic design on its deck.


These vintage skateboards are introduced by a popular brand Rude Boyz & OC Girl, which is known to produce skateboards for boy and girls both.

The kids of recent generation can enjoy the fun of the vintage status of their skateboards

The cool graphic designs on the deck of this skateboard stand out your kids in the crowd of boarders.

They are shipped in ready-to-use assembled form. So you need not face any messy or fussy condition.

The shape of its kick tail is tapered, rounded and concave to make it safe for the rider

It is the best options for the kids up to 120 pounds weight.


Though its size is appreciated by kids but can be used as indoor toy to enjoy rides in the basement in winter

It is a bit smaller even for 6 years old kids


Rude Boyz 17” Retro Wooden Cruiser Vintage skateboard has been appreciated by many parents as it has reminded them of their childhood experiences. Today they can allow their children to experience the fun of this retro skateboard with cool graphic designs on its deck. They need not worry about assembling this skateboard as it is shipped on their doorstep in ready-to-use completely assembled condition.

So if you are searching for vintage skateboards for your kids then it can be the best choice for you. Its design and style will stand out your kids in the crowd of boarders at any location. They will also help in reviving your childhood memories along with entertaining your kids. They can bear user’s load up to 120 pounds.

5. SlimKick tail Graphic Longboard Complete Skateboard

The brand Yocaher has introduced SlimKick tail Graphic Longboard Complete vintage style skateboard for easy cruising. It has been introduced in wide range of colour variants including Natural, Black, Smite, Green, Beach, Blue, Crest Burgundy, Purple, Red and Crest Onyx to help you in choosing one as per your liking and suitability. Its 36” x 8” deck with flat kicktail is made of 10 ply of maple wood. The size of its Q-Ball wheels with 78A hardness is 62mm x 46mm. Its 8.75” long trucks made of aluminium alloy are enabled for heavy duty transportation due to their HD7 level strength and 150mm hanger. Its ABEC 7 chrome bearings allow them to provide smooth ride every time. They are provided with 80A grade premium quality black griptape with black window to make your ride safe and enjoyable.


It works greatly to justify its price

Its working is great even if used for general purpose for a year.

It is easy to manage due to its reasonable weight,

It can pass cracks and bumps easily and comfortably

It is very durable skateboard in its class

It is the best especially for by beginners

Its high quality deck is super strong


Its quality is not best for cuts

Its bearings have to be changed after some time


SlimKick tail Graphic Longboard Complete Skateboard from Yocaher is one of the best vintage skateboards due to the appreciation its features earned from most of its users. Its availability on wide variety of colour options allows you to choose one as per your liking and its suitability in the environment of your home. It has a beautifully designed deck made of maple wood and supported by strong aluminium trucks to provide you and your loved ones a safe and smooth ride every time. It is a durable retro skateboard especially for the first time learners due to its valued features discussed above.

So if you are searching for a retro skateboard for yourself or your kids to learn skateboarding then it can be the best choice for you. It offers high class performance at a very reasonable price in its class. It is one of the most durable skateboards in retro style which can be used for actual rides along with preserving n your home as a collectible.